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PoE Connected Lighting

The Light Control [Wired] API retrieves presets and logical luminaires in an area, recalls presets and/or dim levels in an area, applies a temperature setpoint where HVAC integration is available.

Supported systems

PoE Connected Lighting

You can use the Data Access API to retrieve and analyze all real-time and historical occupancy, energy, and alarm data.

Supported systems

The Building Model API gives access to the site and building structure. The site and building structure are created during commissioning of the lighting system and are represented by a hierarchical tree.

Subscribe to a specified presence or people count data stream for the requested building. People count is currently supported by Interact Office [Wired] only.

With the Light Control [Wireless] API, you can turn on/off all lights in an area or storey, set them to automatic mode, or set their dimming levels.

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