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Subscribe to a presence or people count data stream for sensor-monitored spaces. Visualize space utilization or discover free places for a users to work and meet. People count is currently supported by Interact Office [Wired] only.

Gain access to the site and building hierarchical structure created during the commissioning of the lighting system. The building structure is required by other Interact Office APIs.

Coming soon

Subscribe to a temperature and humidity data stream for sensor-monitored spaces. Visualize data on a dashboard, discover a suitable space for a user to work, or identify faults in the HVAC system.

Override automatic control of a lighting area or lighting on an entire building floor. Turn lights on and off set them to automatic mode, or set their dimming levels.

PoE Connected Lighting

Perform light control operations and apply a temperature setpoint where HVAC integration is available. Enable smart workspace applications and building management integration.

Supported systems

PoE Connected Lighting

Retrieve and analyze real-time and historical occupancy, energy, and alarm data. Access data for building dashboards, historical analysis, energy optimization, and space optimization.

Supported systems

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