Personal assistance

Smart buildings support their occupants with tools that help them be more comfortable and productive

Adapt lighting to fit your preferences

Create applications that automatically adapt the light to your personal preference once you arrive at your desk or in the meeting room. Make changes at any time, right within your application.

Find a free desk or meeting room

Use sensor data from the connected lighting system to know exactly which room is occupied, or where you have the greatest chance of finding an open desk.

Integrated building management

Create synergies by controlling, monitoring and maintaining different systems from an integrated building view

Have one integrated building view

Create applications that provide an integrated view of all systems in the building. Show the most relevant data for direct control, monitoring and maintenance.

Create system synergies

Use sensor or energy data from the connected lighting system to manage other systems.

Show alerts and events

Display incoming alerts and events pertaining to the connected lighting system directly in your application.

Building Analytics

Data collected by connected lighting systems can uncover useful insights

Discover energy consumption patterns

Use energy data from the connected lighting system to discover new insights. Find ways to further optimize your building by combining this data with other data sources.

Optimize space using data

Use sensor data from the connected lighting system to learn which rooms and areas are occupied at given times. Optimize how space is utilized based on new insights.

Have questions?

Connect with an expert to understand the right solution for your project.

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