Join us for #InteractHack 2020, June 16-17

28 May 2020 | Posted in Events

Build a connected lighting app in just two days!
Do you have what it takes?

#InteractHack is our first ever virtual hackathon – and it’s your chance to test your skills against your industry peers and some of the world’s best developers.

The mission? We want you to develop a user-friendly, intuitive mobile or desktop app to extend the capabilities of our global connected lighting systems. The goal is to enhance the experience of everyone who comes in contact with the city infrastructure – including – designers, managers, and users of the professional spaces that our lighting systems illuminate.

You’ll have 2 days to hack, code, and develop your way to glory. It’s a competition, with substantial prizes for the winning team — but we want you to have fun too.

#InteractHack will be held virtually on June 16 and 17 2020. But first, we’re hosting a webinar on June 3 to share more information about the hackathon and how to register.

Register now so you don’t miss out!

Jacques Letzelter - SVP, Global Public business

Smart Office Business Summit and Hackathon, September 18-20

16 Jul 2019 | Posted in Events

The future is now and that is why we are hosting a Smart Office: Create a Great Place to Work Business Summit and Hackathon on September 18-20, 2019 in Eindhoven!

The aim of the 3-day Business Summit and Hackathon is to bring key industry leaders together to collaborate on one common goal, creating a great place to work. Changes in the way we work in combination with the exponential growth in building technologies are forcing a transformation of the Office space. Rethinking how to optimize the Office space is not something we can do on our own, purely from the lighting silo and we like to iterate and set direction in close companionship with partners.

Business representatives and developers will work alongside our team to create appealing (joint) value propositions based on API / Cloud to Cloud integrations supporting the Office of the future, creating that great place to work. We will collaborate with industry leaders and key players that represent a cross section of a smart buildings.

During the three days we outlined two different tracks. A business track focused on defining the outside-in opportunities for collaboration amongst the participants, leading to the challenges to be used during the Hackathon, as well as to anticipate how to embed the outcomes in practice. The Hackathon track will focus on the technology and APIs and the contest at the end will reward participants with the most appealing concepts.

Have questions or interested in joining? Feel free to contact us for more information.

Remco Lansbergen

Truly integrated smart workplaces

18 Apr 2019 | Posted in Partnerships

Working on partnerships daily, I am fortunate to have a front row seat to the evolution around smart buildings. As the global demand for smart buildings grow, one of the main questions remains – how will the various elements and domains integrate and interact to create a seamless environment enabling a smart building?

Unlike the past in which bilateral relations were formed to create complementary value around propositions, today is all about the development of a smart ecosystem.

In April, Cisco hosted a Business Summit to discuss key challenges regarding enabling smart buildings and multiple opportunities were identified while working together with other organizations to drive new customer centric values. In tandem to the summit, we collaborated with six other companies from various industries to partake in a Hackathon, hosted by Cisco’s Webex team. The primary focus of the Hackathon was on Smart Space integrations, in which we provided xAPI access to a variety of sensors to detect the amount of people in a room and indoor localization via VLC (visible light communication).

Over 30 hackers split into six groups to begin coding during the Hackathon, which inspired collaborative teamwork and at the end, showcased the importance of an ecosystem. Working together and realizing the unexpected.

Presentation at the Hackathon


The results were stunning:

  • Together with the meeting room booking solution of Cisco, a resolution was for meetings that run over time. Five minutes before the meeting ends the light blinks providing a clear non-disturbing signal to the participants to conclude.
  • In combination with the Cisco Webex boards, which can track the speaker during a presentation. A halo lighting effect was created, linking the location of the speaker with the lights in the near surrounding. This improves the non-verbal communication in dimmed lighting surroundings.
  • In combination with Evoko screens the embedded presence detection sensors auto confirm the occupancy instead of using the manual confirm button.
  • The team created an integration where by voice recognition the light can be activated using Cisco Webex.

Overall necessary steps were made showcasing that a collaborative effort can really make a difference.

Remco Lansbergen

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