Interact City

Interact City is a suite of connected lighting system and management applications that enables you to remotely manage, monitor, and control all your city lighting, including:

  • Roads and streets
  • Pedestrian sidewalks and crossings
  • Bridges
  • Parks and plazas

With Interact City, you can optimize operations of your city’s lighting assets, integrate with other software to control lighting, gather data, respond to incidents, and deliver data-enabled services. Optimizing operations can translate into cost savings for funding future investments in your city.

Interact City uses standardized data interfaces and open APIs to enable integration with existing city management systems. Partners and third parties can also use the Interact City APIs to develop new smart city applications using the data collected via the connected lighting system.

Interact City APIs expose lighting data for use with other city dashboards and third-party systems. Through the Interact City Asset Management API, energy data and faults can be synchronized with third-party systems and city dashboards. Interact City also provides APIs that enable city management systems to send on-demand light control commands that override the pre-programmed lighting behavior to better respond to incidents and to support maintenance operations.

System city diagram image

How does it work?

To use the Interact City APIs, a developer first builds an app or data connector that will utilize the API functionality. The developer app interfaces directly with the APIs connected to the Interact City Service within the Interact IoT platform. The Interact City Service controls individual or grouped selections of streetlights and cabinets, including all assets on a given street. Each customer (municipality or operator) receives a dedicated Interact City site with its own system credentials to control access to street lighting assets.

What APIs are supported?

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