Interact Hospitality

Interact Hospitality enriches guest experience, manages energy consumption, and improves real-time visibility and insight to assist staff and operations teams within the hotel.

Interact Hospitality controls key systems and services within guest rooms, including lighting, HVAC, power, and motorized curtains and blinds, and keeps track of room status.

The core components of the system architecture are:

  1. Luminaires
  2. Guestroom management system controller (GRMS) and expansion controllers for HVAC, dimming, and other functions
  3. User interfaces, thermostats, and sensors
  4. Network gateways
  5. Integration software gateways and services
  6. Interact Hospitality system manager server
  7. Real-time dashboard for remote monitoring and control

Interact Hospitality APIs open the system to external developers and partners, allowing them to create value-added applications and integration solutions.

Interact Hospitality system diagram

How does it work?

A room controller manages intelligent devices within each room, recording and sharing occupancy, room statuses and guest requests such as Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room.

The controller contains a core set of circuits for lighting, power, and motorized curtains, and can be further expanded with specialized controls such as dimming and HVAC control of valves and FCU motors. ‘-E’ versions also include high-speed Ethernet connectivity to the system’s trunk network.

The Interact Hospitality system manager server provides access to our Guestroom Control API, allowing system integration with external apps or other third-party systems.

The API gives external applications access to Interact Hospitality room services via a secure gateway, and allows those external applications to control services in rooms, suites or public spaces. The server is located on the hotel premises, giving the hotel’s IT department the ability to manage access and authentication credentials.

What APIs are supported?

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