Interact Office [Wired]

Interact Office uses Power Over Ethernet (PoE) as a wired option for its state-of-the-art connected lighting systems. As businesses increasingly converge workspace resources, services, and devices onto IP network infrastructures, PoE is becoming a widely adopted standard for powering networked devices. Benefits include high availability, reliability, and faster deployment. Furthermore, it is high-bandwidth to enable rich data collection. Every luminaire in the system is a source of sensor, energy usage, and maintenance data.

The platform is continuously collecting and analyzing operational data to ensure high performance levels. System managers can make changes to the system configuration and lighting behavior to regularly refine and improve the efficiency of their building. Data collected from the system can do more than improve lighting performance – APIs allow for data analytics, enhanced building control options, and the integration of building verticals and smart energy management systems.

How does it work?

As soon as a building with Interact Office [Wired] is registered and connected with the Interact platform, it is possible to integrate your applications for two-way communication to and from the building. The building hosts a central server application that is in constant connection with the cloud to exchange data. From the Interact platform, you are able to access a set of web services from which you can retrieve information from the lighting system and issue light control commands. In order to get access to a specific building, an agreement is required between you as developer, the customer, building owner, and Interact. After the agreement is secured, you will receive an application key, building identifier, and a special set of System Credentials for the building for which you have been granted access.

No connections yet with an existing Interact Office customer? Not a problem! We have a test server available so that you can try it out, even without access to any real Interact Office [Wired] installation.


What APIs are supported?

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