Interact Office + Industry [Wireless]

Interact Office + Industry [Wireless] is an easy to install wireless option for connected lighting systems. This is cloud-connected which enables multi-site applications and the usage of applications from different locations. In this wireless system, every luminaire in the system has an RF sensor which has the ability to wirelessly send sensor data, energy data, usage, and maintenance data via a gateway to the cloud.

How does it work?

The wireless system is continuously collecting data from its lighting devices and sensors that will be sent via a gateway to a data lake in the cloud. It includes power consumption of the lighting devices as well as usage and health status data of the lighting devices. The system deploys a granular network of sensors of which the occupancy and lighting level data is collected as well. This data is used by standard applications that are used to operationally manage, improve and change the system and dashboard tools that give users insights. APIs enable the development of additional tools for data analytics, other building control options and integration with other building verticals and smart energy management systems.

What APIs are supported?

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