Interact Retail EasyAim

To maximize shopper’s attention, the EasyAim system allows visual merchandizers to aim Philips TrueFashion EasyAim spots in a fast and simple way using their mobile device (phone or tablet). It provides accurate control of pan and tilt, as well as adjustment of the light levels, without the need for working at heights.

How does it work?

EasyAim app in use

The combination of Philips TrueFashion EasyAim spots and Interact Retail EasyAim system offers the highest quality of light, extra narrow beam (6° beam angle) and wireless control to (re)aim the spot via a mobile app.

  • A motorized spot in combination with an intuitive mobile phone application designed together with visual merchandizers
  • It lets you direct the light while having a full overview, standing outside your store in front of the window, thus making the workflow of the visual merchandizer easier and more efficient
  • Outstanding quality of light with extra narrow beam (6° beam angle) that is able to bridge the distance between the high ceiling and the mannequins (beam intensity MBI 64kcd)
  • Your store window always looks fresh and attractive, increasing footfall
  • Increases efficiency and safety of personnel. No more need for ladders, just one person can re-aim the luminaires quickly and efficiently.

What APIs are supported?

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