Interact Sports [Recreational]

Interact Sports delivers exceptional lighting experiences to indoor and outdoor recreational sports facilities, and enables lighting control and monitoring via the cloud. An Interact Sports system consists of several building blocks:

  1. Luminaires
  2. Low-frequency power line communication module
  3. Control cabinet
  4. Cloud connectivity server
  5. User interfaces
  6. User-friendly web apps for end users, commissioning engineers, and service providers

Interact Sports APIs open the system to external developers and partners, allowing them to create value-added applications and integration solutions.

How does it work?

A control cabinet and luminaries are installed in a recreational sports facility and connected via 3G/GPS to the global connectivity server in the cloud. The link between the server and controller is established automatically during the commissioning process.

The controller sends control signals to coded mains transmitters installed in the cabinet. Control signals are modulated onto the mains voltage, then demodulated to drive the luminaire. In some luminaires the demodulation process is integrated into the driver, and in others it is not integrated.

You can use the Interact Sports [Recreational] API to integrate the system with external apps or other third-party systems.

The API gives an external application access to Interact Sports services via a secure gateway, and allows that application to send control signals to the segment controller in the sports facility. Access to a specific segment controller is configured during the site configuration process by associating the app ID with the site’s system credentials. User management should be regulated by the third-party app itself.

What APIs are supported?

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